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Because of COVID-19, my website only, is open at this time.  Please expect possible delays with your shipment order.  You can still continue to make orders and get into contact with me here, on my business website: https://www.booboosglitterglory.com or by phone:  (216) 760-5739

Tyvm, and please be safe out there! We are strong, and we'll get through this together.  

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Offer Glitter Mixes, Rhinestones & Embellishments

*This is a quick summary of Boo-Boo's Glitter Glory*

Step 1

Locate your birthday month, flower & gemstone for your birthday.

Step 2

Locate your Zodiac sign, element & planet for where your birthday  falls.

Step 3

After you have done Steps #1 & #2, then you can look up what Glitter Mix is made just for you.  Of course, you can just buy the one you love too, lol

Images of my Glitter Mixes